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Recent Improvements Good for Business

Apple Tree Restaurant Located off Exit 86Each day, over 70,000 vehicles pass through eastern Wythe County, along Interstates 81 and 77, making the stretch of roadway one of the most traveled sections of highway in the region.

Unfortunately, the lack of a functioning wastewater system in the extreme eastern end of the county has, for years, stifled commerce.

In recent years, Wythe County has become proactive in combating these issues, in hopes that greater economic activity off the county’s interstate exits will in turn lower the tax burdens on the county’s 29,235 residents.

This May, the County completed a multi-year project by providing businesses and residents between Exits 84 and 86 with public sewage.

Previously, businesses located off Exit 86 were forced to treat their own wastewater. Linda Wyatt, owner of the Apple Tree

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Despite Rain, Dozens Participate in EVOC

970697_524476467589786_972889638_nDespite inclement weather, twenty-four individuals participated in the Emergency Vehicle Operator’s Course [EVOC] earlier last month.

The two day training program began with eight hours of classroom presentation, followed by an entire day spent driving emergency vehicles through a road-course set up in a parking lot at the Wytheville Community College.

The Wythe County Board of Supervisors sponsored program was instructed by the county’s emergency management team through the Virginia Department of Fire Programs and the Virginia Association of Rescue Squads.

In addition to the sixteen hours of training time logged, students participating in the certification program were required to complete a written examination and practical skills test.

Through the training exercise, emergency respon...

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