Wythe County Disbands Lead Mines Rescue Squad

This morning, the Wythe County Board of Supervisors made the unanimous decision to dissolve the Lead Mines Rescue Squad.

Virginia Code §27-10 provides that the governing body of the county may dissolve a fire or rescue (EMS) company for any reason it deems advisable.

The decision comes after numerous reports of inefficient service, including multiple failures to respond to the emergency requests of citizens.

In addition to having multiple concerns as to the squad’s management and business plan, E-911 records reveal that the department failed to respond to a total of 18 calls between the dates of July 1 and August 12, 2013.

The Wythe County Board of Supervisors places the safety of county residents as its highest priority and feels that in order to adequately meet the needs of the residents of eastern Wythe County prudent measures are necessary.

Wythe officials have engaged the services of the Wythe County Rescue Squad to provide emergency medical services to the area during the transition process.

The Wythe County Rescue Squad will be providing a team of emergency responders entirely dedicated to servicing the Lead Mines area.

The Wythe County government is dedicated to ensuring that all citizens receive exemplary emergency services from all the county’s first responders.

Countywide, the men and women who serve as Wythe County’s emergency responders provide an unparalleled level of service; it is the goal of the Wythe County Board of Supervisors to ensure those living within the Lead Mines coverage area are able to enjoy that same level of care.