Wythe County Seal Trans Background

AUSTINVILLE, Va. – According to Wythe County officials, approximately 250 gallons of fuel oil was leaked into county sewer lines over the weekend. The contaminant eventually made its way into the Austinville Wastewater Treatment Plant, where it was discovered Saturday morning.

Once treatment plant workers noticed the pollutant, the county’s emergency manager was contacted and workers quickly worked to contain the unauthorized substance.

“Due to the swift actions of everyone involved, we were able to contain the oil before it made its way into local waterways,” said Wythe County Emergency Manager Ikey Davidson.

Much of the oil was contained through oil absorbent pads and through a process known as skimming.

Don Crisp, Wythe County’s Director of Water and Wastewater informed residents that sewer services would not be interrupted.

Additionally, Crisp advised that there is absolutely no threat of the county’s drinking water being at risk due to this weekend’s spill.

The source of the spill has been traced to a residence and has been determined to have been accidental.

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality has been notified and will be making a site visit today.

As part of restoration efforts, wastewater treatment plant tanks are scheduled to be pumped Monday afternoon.

The wastewater plant, which is located along Kohler Avenue in Austiville, services nearly 80 homes.

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