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WYTHEVILLE, Va. – Wythe County planning officials are in the process of forming the county’s five-year comprehensive plan and are asking for the public’s input in formulating the details of the document.

Virginia law requires localities to publish a comprehensive plan every five years, which serves to provide direction for county officials in decision making and setting the county’s long-term policies.

The 20-question survey covers a variety of issues, including order of importance regarding certain county services, quality of life and residents’ opinions pertaining to best practices at spurring economic development.

“The survey is one of the most important components of this year’s five-year plan, as it will give local citizens a substantial voice in shaping future county policy...

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Rural Retreat Lake Pool to Host Aqua Zumba Classes Through July

RURAL RETREAT, Va. — The Wythe County Department of Parks & Recreation will be hosting four aqua Zumba sessions throughout the month of July at the Rural Retreat Lake Pool.

The one-hour long sessions will be held on each Tuesday of the month and instructed by Infinity Fitness’ Derek Ogle, a certified aqua Zumba instructor.

Aqua Zumba is Zumba in a swimming pool. The instructor leads the class from poolside while participants follow the shallow water workout. Moves have been specially adapted to combine the same dance movements used in a Zumba Fitness class with those used in aqua fitness classes, creating a fun and effective total body workout.

Participation in the class is open to all local residents ages 13 and over.

A $12 per session participation fee will be charged to each person part...

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Click HERE to sign-up to receive emergency alerts.

WYTHEVILLE, Va. – Wythe County officials are just days away from implementing a citizen notification system that will enable the county’s communications team to instantly alert citizens via landline, cell phone and email of severe emergencies.

The software for the system is being provided by Everbridge, a California based company that specializes in sending mass notification alerts. In addition to being used around the globe, Everbridge’s emergency alert system has been credited for playing a vital role in the days following the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

Though emergency communications staff members say they only expect to use the software on “a very limited basis,” they do acknowledge that the program has the potential to save m...

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WYTHEVILLE, Va. – The Rural Retreat Lake Park & Campground got a new online home this week, with the unveiling of the public park’s new website,

County officials say the new site will prove to be far more user-friendly than the park’s previous webpages, which were scattered throughout the county’s general information website.

“Having a website dedicated exclusively to the Rural Retreat Lake will provide prospective visitors to the campground an easy way to access all the information available pertaining to the park; including hours of operation, rates and rules, reservation instructions and a list of upcoming events,” said Wythe County Parks & Recreation Director Kevin Williams.

The website was created in-house by the county’s public information office...

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Parks & Rec Releases Girls Softball Schedules


SWVA Girls Softball Tournament Girls 11-13

SWVA Girls Softball Tournament Girls 10 & Under

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ROANOKE, Va. – Earlier today, members of Wythe County’s emergency management team participated in a railway safety program sponsored by Norfolk Southern. The program is part of a national effort known as “Operation Lifesaver” and is aimed at decreasing annual railway fatalities.

Representing Wythe County were the county’s emergency manager, information officer, emergency communications director and sheriff.

As part of the educational seminar, participants traveled by rail from Radford to the railway yard in Roanoke. Along the route, safety officials from Norfolk Southern spoke to local representatives about activities localities can do in order to encourage railway safety.

“I was shocked to learn that in 2013, 251 people were killed by trains,” said Jeremy Farley, Wythe County’s ...

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Virginia Seeks Citizens’ Input for Energy Plan

The Commonwealth is asking state residents for their input, as part of the process to develop Virginia’s 2014 energy plan.

Wythe County residents will have three primary ways to provide input, suggestions, and recommendations to be considered as part of the Energy Plan.

  1. Public Listening Sessions – Six public listening sessions will be held throughout Virginia during June and early July.  Southwestern Virginia’s will be held on June 24, 2014, at the Highlands Community College Student Center (100 VHCC Drive, Abingdon, VA), from 6 – 8 p.m.
  2. Online Submission – A web page has been created to allow input to be submitted online at any time.  The web page address is . This page also has the listening session dates and locations listed...
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RURAL RETREAT, Va. – Patrons to the Rural Retreat Lake Pool will find a new activity on the park’s calendar this summer, monthly dive-in movies.

Set to begin this Saturday, Wythe County Parks & Recreation leaders say they plan to showcase one movie each month at what they are referring to as a series of “communitywide pool parties.”

Once the pool closes at its regular time of 6 p.m. this Saturday, pool staff will immediately get to work transforming the pool into a pirate themed, swimmable movie theatre.

The gates will then reopen at 8 p.m. and thirty minutes later the 1985 hit movie, The Goonies, will be presented inside the pool area for a new generation to enjoy.

“We’re really excited about the dive-in parties and believe it will provide families with a low-cost and fun activity...

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RURAL RETREAT, Va. – Wythe County’s Parks & Recreation officials had hoped to have the Rural Retreat Lake Pool opened to the public by Friday, June 6. The date was selected to coincide with the last day of school in the county.

Unfortunately, multiple problems with the pool’s water pump have delayed its opening for one week.

With a new pump now installed, crews are working to filter the water inside the pool and bring all readings to acceptable levels.

“It’s a long process, but this is something we have to do,” said Kevin Williams, director of the Wythe County Department of Parks & Recreation.

According to Williams, the pool will undergo continuous filtering and heating throughout the weekend and into early next week.

“Once we’re finished, health inspectors will come out and in...

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SPEEDWELL, Va. – A group of spelunkers entered a cave just south of the community of Speedwell, Tuesday morning. The cavers were part of a summer camp from North Carolina, taking part in a training exercise inside the popular cave.

Sometime that afternoon, a nineteen year old female found herself wedged in a narrow crevice inside the cave. Members of the group initially attempted to pull her free, but were unsuccessful in their efforts.

At 3:32 p.m. the Wythe County E-911 Center received a call from members of the group, requesting emergency assistance in rescuing one of the cavers pinned between the crevices of two rocks.

Members of the Speedwell Volunteer Fire Department and Wythe County Rescue were first on the scene, followed by Wythe County Emergency Management and Rural Retreat Eme...

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