1. The contractor shall have sole discretion over the acceptance or denial of any substance brought to the collection event

2. Waste will not be accepted from company vehicles. NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. No waste will be accepted from small businesses, commercial or industry. This includes businesses run from a residence. NO EXCEPTIONS.

4. Wastes will only be accepted from Wythe and Bland County residents

5. No explosive, radiological, asbestos or biomedical waste will be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS. Explosives include Dynamite, Nitro Glycerin, Blasting caps, Ammunition, Grenades, Fireworks, etc.

If an explosive is broth to the collection event, the disposal cost will be at the owner’s expense.

6. The collection event will continue until one or both of the following two conditions are met:
A. Time expires for this event. 8 a.m. 12 p.m.
B. The funds allotted are expended.
When a condition is met, collection of waste will cease at that time. Wythe County regrets any in- convenience that may result.

7. Participants shall remain in their vehicles. Trained personnel will remove the chemicals for you. This will help to minimize the risk of an accident involving the participant.

8. Waste will be collected from cars, pickup trucks and mini-vans. No tractor trailers, dump trucks, buses, or pull type trailers will be allowed on the site.

9. No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances will be permitted at the collection event

10. The County of Wythe will not be responsible for any lost or damaged property at this event.

11. The purpose of this event is to safely dispose of as much waste as possible. However, due to time constraints, participant turnout, and funding limits, we regret that all participants may not be able to leave waste as the collection site.

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