Flooding Closes Multiple Roadways in Wythe County


WYTHE COUNTY, Va. – Multiple roadways in Wythe County have been closed due to flooding, as anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain have already fallen in the locality and weather forecasters are predicting additional precipitation throughout Monday and into the night which may bring an additional 1 to 2 inches.

In Wythe County, the heaviest hit areas are in the locality’s southeastern section, near the New River and its various tributaries. According to USGS data, Reed Creek at Graham’s Forge is discharging 5,690 cubic feet per second (its regular discharge rate is roughly 269 cubic feet per second).

The heavy rainfall has rendered several roads impassable in the county, including the following:

Apperson Dr. – Closed by VDOT
Castleton Rd. has standing water in the roadway (south of Moyer Ln.)
Collins Cove is impassable
Holly Ln. – impassable due to high water
Huffard Ln. is closed
Little Reed Island Rd. – impassable 600 block and beyond
Max Meadows Rd. is closed near recycling center
Moyer Ln. – impassable due to high water
Mule Hell is closed
New Bethel Rd. is closed
Painters Hill Rd. (near 669 Painters Hill Rd.) — highwater
Peridot Ln.
Pope Rd. (Prior to Collins Cove Rd., coming from Huddle) is closed
Ramsey Mountain Rd. – Closed by VDOT
River Bluff – impassable due to high water
Riverview Rd. (near 159 Riverview Rd.) — highwater
Shady River Dr. – impassable due to high water

The county’s emergency management team is maintaining a list of impassable roads in order to better assist emergency responders, therefore if any residents know of any additional roadways that are impassable, they are encouraged to call 911 and notify the county’s dispatchers.

County officials say that at this time, there have been no known injuries and they hope to keep it this way – “The vast majority of flood-related drownings are vehicle-related,” stated Wythe County spokesperson Jeremy Farley. “Citizens are being encouraged to make wise decisions and not to take needless risks. If a motorist comes upon a flooded roadway, ‘turn around, don’t drown’.”

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