RV & Camper Flood Zone Precautions



In light of the upcoming event of hurricane Florence, there is a potential for large amounts of rainfall which could cause flooding in low lying areas and especially in the designated flood zones of Wythe County. We would like to remind everyone to please take precautions and move your camper or RV out of these areas before it’s to late. A camper swept away by flood waters could cause a dangerous situation if it prevents the flow of water under a bridge. Please remove any items that are an accessory to your camper that may have the potential to float such as propane tanks. If there are questions or concerns or you are not sure if you’re in a flood zone, contact the Wythe County Building Department and we will help you assess the flood zones.

For more information on the County’s Flood Plain Management Ordinance and flood plain mapping visit the links below.

Virginia Flood Information System link: http://cmap2.vims.edu/VaFloodRisk/vfris2.html

Wythe County Flood Plain Management Ordinance