Emergency Services Coordinator Letter Oct. 10

To: Citizens of Wythe County

As of this morning, Hurricane Michael was classified as a category 4 hurricane. Michael made landfall around 1:30 p.m. After landfall, the hurricane is moving Northwest into Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and then Southeast Virginia prior to heading back out to the Atlantic Ocean. This path is South of our area. The concern is twofold at this time. First, Michael is a very large storm. Our area could get rains from outer bands of the storms. Michael will also be meeting a front coming from the east that should keep it on this path, but bring us rains and cooler weather as the week continues. Second, this could be a changing storm. As we learned from Florence, Hurricanes can change from initial forecasts.

Wythe County is prepared for possible events that can happen from the weather. We are watching the storm closely and acting to protect everyone, but we need your help. Please stay informed and keep your family, and your friends informed with current information about the storm and weather impacting the area. Please be prepared for any issues that may occur. Flash Flooding can still be a real threat for our area. Please have your home heating ready for use in case it is needed. If you use electric heaters, please use as directed by the owner’s manual. If you are using fuel heaters or fireplaces, please make sure they are used in a safe way. Check and make sure that all ventilation pathways are clear (i.e. chimneys).

Again, Wythe County is prepared and we want all the citizens to be prepared as well. If you have any questions, please visit our website at wytheco.org for more information. STAY INFORMED AND STAY SAFE. Thank you.

Curtis W. Crawford

Emergency Services Coordinator