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Holiday Safety Tips

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Crystal Springs Recreation Area Road To Be Paved


WYTHEVILLE, Va. – Crystal Springs is 1,800 acres of property owned by the Town of Wytheville. The beautiful Crystal Springs Recreation Area has breathtaking views and wonderful trails to enjoy during a day outdoors and is excellent for biking, hiking and camping.

The property is owned by the Town of Wytheville, but outside of its corporate limits, which prohibited them from applying for VDOT’s Recreational Access Road funding. The Wythe County Board of Supervisors partnered with the town to make application for the funding to improve Pump Hollow Road, which leads from Route 21 to the scenic Crystal Springs Recreation Area which serves around 4,200 visitors a year.

The Recreational Access Program is a state funded program which is intende...

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Department of Emergency Management Letter for 12/11/18

December 11, 2018

 To the Citizens of Wythe County

Winter Storm Diego has passed, but the snow that it has left will stay with us a few more days. As we go through this week, we will have days of melting and mornings of refreezing. These trends can make morning travels treacherous. Please continue to use caution when commuting in the mornings and give yourself additional time to travel.

Wythe County would like to take a moment to thank the citizens for heeding the warnings during the storm. Most citizens stayed home and didn’t attempt to drive the snow-covered roads. Wythe County Emergency crews were able to navigate to emergencies with very few interruptions. VDOT along with county and town crews worked around the clock to clear roads...

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Department of Emergency Management Letter for Dec. 6, 2018

To the Citizens of Wythe County

This coming weekend looks to be the first significant winter event of the season. At this time, predictions are still varying on the impact to our area. The National Weather Service is predicting accumulation and significant impacts to travel beginning on Saturday night. The forecast is predicting accumulation to begin Saturday night and continue through Monday.

Wythe County wants you to be prepared. Please make sure you have supplies in case the roads become dangerous or if power outages occur. Have a food supply, water, batteries, warm clothes and blankets, an alternate source of power or heat, and/or a place to be with a generator. Please make arrangements for all these supplies prior to Saturday evening...

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Wythe County Dog Tags on Sale at Treasurer’s Office

WYTHEVILLE, Va. – Wythe County Officials would like to remind citizens that dog tags are on sale and due to be purchased by January 31, 2019.

Code Enforcement Officer A.B. Dunford encouraged residents to make sure rabies vaccinations are up to date. Please be aware that rabies inoculations are required prior to purchasing a dog license.

“Please get out now and get your dog tags and rabies shots for your animals,” Dunford said.

Dunford said officers will be doing compliance checks throughout the county to assure that all dog owners are compliant.

The price of the dog tags are as follows: 1 year $5, 2 years $10, and 3 years $15.

If your dog has been neutered or spayed the costs are as follows: 1 year $4, 2 years $8 and 3 years $10...

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Holiday Cooking Safety Tips

Holiday Cooking Safety

rs Cooking Safety

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Wythe County Employees Graduate from Leadership Program

Three Wythe County employees recently graduated from the Leadership Development Program conducted by the Wytheville-Wythe-Bland Chamber of Commerce.

Crystal Holliday, Blake Stowers and Rhonda Vaught were recognized at the 72nd Annual Membership Awards Banquet on Nov. 1, 2018.


rs leadership photo

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Veterans Memorial Highway Celebration


WYTHEVILLE, Va. – Approximately 80 citizens joined Supervisors Hale, Vaught and Lester beneath the historic Shot Tower in Wythe County recently to  celebrate the dedication of U.S. Highway 52 as Veterans Memorial Highway.

Wythe County Administrative Assistant Rhonda Vaught said it was great to see the event take place. “I was very honored to be there,” Vaught said. “I  remember when Mr. Easter first started working on this project, so it was awesome to see this come to fruition after all these years. It was great to see all the  communities come together for such a good project.”

Wythe County Engineer William Vaughan also attended the ceremony at the Shot Tower.

“We had a good ceremony,” Vaughan said...

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Time change coming up this weekend!

Fall Time Changeresized

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Super Bowl & Cheermania held at Rural Retreat High School


WYTHEVILLE, Va. – Despite rain and cooler conditions, local fans still headed out to Rural Retreat High School to cheer on their teams in Super Bowl XXIV.

The first event on Saturday was Cheermania which kicked off at 9:30 a.m.

Students and parents packed the gym at Rural Retreat High School for Cheermania. Participants from cheer squads in Wythe and Bland Counties each performed a cheer, a chant and a dance.

“The girls seemed to have fun with their friends and teammates,” Wythe County Sports Coordinator J.B. Wright said. “This was the finale to their season.”

On the gridiron, the Max Meadows Vikings won the J.V...

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