16th Annual Cliff Dicker Memorial Scholarship Golf Classic

WYTHEVILLE, Va. – The Wythe County Sheriff’s Office will be hosting the sixteenth annual Cliff Dicker Memorial Scholarship Golf Classic on Friday, May 16, 2014, at the Wytheville Golf Club.

The proceeds of the event will be used to fund the Cliff Dicker Memorial Scholarship Fund, a long running scholarship that provides $4,500 annually to two graduating high school students from each of the county’s three public high schools.

Individuals or teams interested in participating in the four-person team captain’s choice tournament are encouraged to call the county’s sheriff’s office at 276-223-6011.

The golf classic, which will be held during National Police Week, will honor Wythe County’s only deputy to be killed in the line of duty. Deputy Dicker was brutally murdered in a line of duty shooting on December 6, 1994.

Graduating seniors wishing to make application to the scholarship fund must have their applications submitted to the Wythe County Sheriff’s Office no later than 4 p.m. on May 2, 2014; winners will be announced on May 9, 2014. Applications can be picked up at local schools or at the sheriff’s office. Interested students may contact the sheriff’s office for more information.

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WYTHEVILLE, Va. – Though the vast majority of Wythe County residents pay their taxes in a timely manner each year, there remains a percentage of the population that neglects to do so. These failures to pay place an unfair burden upon county residents who do comply with the law, as well as limit the resources and ability of the local government.

In an effort to combat this, the county has asked the treasurer to use all means legally available in order to induce residents – whose accounts are delinquent – to pay their property taxes. Actions by the county’s treasurer may include issuing a debt set off with the Virginia Department of the Treasury; this will allow for the county to retrieve any unpaid taxes owed to them from income taxes due to residents whose tax accounts are negative.

Other actions can include requesting the DMV to issue a stop on all vehicles belonging to citizens with unpaid personal property taxes.

Upon authorization of a DMV stop, registration of vehicles owned or co-owned by residents with unpaid personal property taxes will no longer be processed for renewal, until the tax balance is made current. Additionally, residents will be charged with an added $25.00 fee to cover the cost of the enforcement action.

The treasurer’s office will be issuing notices to county residents who are in danger of becoming delinquent prior to the May 1, 2014, payment deadline. County residents unsure of whether or not their personal property taxes are current are encouraged to call the Wythe County Treasurer’s Office at 276-223-6070.

The revenue generated from personal property taxes is a vital component of Wythe County’s overall budget and enable the county to provide critical services to residents.

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WYTHEVILLE, Va. – Members of the Wythe County Board of Supervisors met with leaders of Wythe County Rescue Squad, a privately operated EMS agency, Monday afternoon, to discuss the future of emergency medical services in the county.

Over the weekend, the squad’s board of directors determined to cease services as of Monday, March 17, 2014; a decision county leaders say came as a complete shock.

In response to the news, the county board of supervisors’ fire and rescue committee held an emergency meeting with the squad’s leadership Monday afternoon. The primary objective of this meeting was to determine the root causes of such a drastic decision, as well as possible solutions in moving forward.

Following the two-hour long meeting, Wythe County Rescue Squad’s board of directors held a meeting and elected to postpone their final date of service until April 17, 2014.

In return, the county’s fire and rescue committee unanimously decided to make a recommendation that the county’s board of supervisors amend and appropriate $10,000 to the rescue squad in order to aid in repairing a broken ambulance, as well as various other items of overhead.

County officials were in the process of working with the organization on a Virginia Rescue Squad Assistance Fund grant application late last week and say they were given no warning whatsoever that the squad was even considering closing its doors.

In addition to meeting with leaders of the Wythe County Rescue Squad, county officials also met with leaders of Guardian Ambulance, a privately owned ambulance service. Representatives of Guardian Ambulance stated that they would dedicate an ambulance crew to servicing the community if needed.

Dr. Gary Houseman, representative of the Black Lick District on the county’s board of supervisors agreed, adding, “We will do what is necessary to take care of the people of Wythe County.”

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WYTHEVILLE, Va. – A Wythe County magistrate did not find probable cause to issue a summons Monday morning to Mike Thomas, owner of eleven dogs on Walton Furnace Road.

The magistrate relied upon a recent letter sent to the county’s animal control officer from the state’s Office of Animal Care & Health Policy as a contributing factor in his decision.

In the letter, state veterinarian Carolynn Bissett stated “It is my professional opinion that the dogs in Mr. Thomas’ care are not in immediate danger and do not need to be seized. In addition, I do not believe these dogs will be well served by removal from Mr. Thomas’ care…”

The veterinarian was accompanied by members of the Virginia State Police, as well as the Botetourt County Commonwealth Attorney, during her visit late last month.

Bissett also noted that each of the eleven dogs were individually examined and found that “adequate care was being provided for all eleven dogs,” adding, “All dogs were in good body condition, with clean haircoats.”

These assessments seem to back up the observations of previous professionals who have examined the dogs, including local animal control officers and veterinarians.

The letter also stated, “Mr. Thomas was providing adequate exercise for all dogs. Inadequate exercise is easily diagnosed on physical examination by the lack of muscle definition and discernible muscle atrophy.”

Despite having found the animal’s shelter to be free of drafts and containing windows and ventilation, Bissett wrote in her letter that, in her opinion, “adequate shelter was not being provided for the dogs on the property.”

Reporting a “moderate amount of hair and dust” in the enclosure, as well as a chain link containing “several sharp edges,” the veterinarian advised that adequate shelter was not being provided. The county’s magistrate, however, did not feel that these items were enough to warrant a summons against Mr. Thomas.

County officials are presently working with various non-profit organizations, as well as the representatives of the landowners to build a new shelter and demolish the old one that has become the source of such national attention.

Wythe County animal control officers will continue to monitor the dogs.

Presently, all of Thomas’ dogs have up-to-date dog tags, which mean their shots are up-to-date.

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