WYTHE COUNTY, Va. – On November 3, 2015, Virginia voters will be going to the polls to cast their ballots in a number of different races that will have local and statewide consequences.

Elections in Wythe County will include school board, board of supervisors, constitutional officers, Virginia Senate, Virginia House of Delegates and Soil & Water Conservation Director.

Due to the fact that Wythe County is divided between two separate Virginia senatorial districts, as well as the various local school board and board of supervisors districts, voters in the county will see one of six different ballots. Those ballots may be viewed by Clicking Here (precinct listed on bottom right corner of ballot).

Elections officials are reminding citizens that under Virginia law, voters must present one of the following forms of identification when voting: Valid Virginia driver’s license, DMV-issued photo identification card, valid United States Passport, valid employee photo identification card, other government—issued photo identification card or a valid college or university student photo identification card (issuer must be an institution of higher education located in Virginia).

The photo identification rules are intended to minimize the risk of election fraud and ensure honest elections for Virginia’s more than 8.3—million residents.

Ballots in the Fort Chiswell District (Max Meadows and Fort Chiswell precincts) will also include a blank write-in slot for “Member School Board District 4.”  This is because no candidate was successful in presenting the required number of acceptable signatures to be placed on the ballot.

Registrar Carolyn King wishes to remind voters that in order for their write—in vote to count, voters must fill in the bubble, in addition to writing the candidate’s name into the blank.

Residents with specific questions regarding elections should contact the county registrar’s office by calling (276) 223-6038 or by email: [email protected].

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