Advance Auto Donates Repair Manuals to Wythe County Library

WYTHEVILLE, Va. – A tall stack of repair manuals for cars of all different makes and models now stands at the library thanks to a generous donation from the local Advanced Auto Parts.

Wythe County Public Library Branch Manager Anita Libby said this will be a great asset to people across the region.

“In the past, I have had a need for car and truck repair manuals,” Libby said. “We have not been able to supply that need because of the cost of the books. They are about $30 a piece. If you see this collection here, it is 79 books that were donated from the Wytheville Advance Auto. You multiply that by $30 and that is a healthy collection.”

Wytheville Advanced Auto Parts General Manager Rick Ferrence said his team is glad to help out the library.

“We’re just glad to help out the people of the county by donating it,” Ferrence said.

Libby said this is a gracious gift to the library.

“It will more than please so many residents to just be able to pull out their library card and pick up a book and fix whatever is wrong with their car,” Libby said. “This idea came from a customer who went to the Advance Auto in Wytheville, and said I wish we could check these out at the library. Then the management over there started thinking about it.”

Libby said officials then contacted West Wytheville District Board of Supervisor Member Charlie Lester about the idea.

“Lester said I’m pretty sure they would be receptive,” Libby said. “So he had them deliver them over here. I’m just amazed. They start in the 90’s and some of them go up to 2016. The manuals are for basic car repairs. We’re very fortunate that businesses in the community reach out to other people’s needs. It is community outreach to a local library. It warms your heart when a corporation will reach out and do something for a community.”