SPEEDWELL, Va. – Officials from the Wythe County Water Department detected a waterline break along Old Bank Rd. in Speedwell early this morning. A second break was discovered in the same area, along Grayson Tpk., shortly thereafter; believed to be a result of the abnormal pressures associated with the first break.

County leaders say the waterline’s rupture was responsible for draining all the water in the reserve tank on Lanter Rd.

Immediately upon learning of the break, crews went to work repairing the waterline on Grayson Tpk.

At noon, the county’s water department said the Grayson Tpk. break had been fixed, but cautioned that water would not be restored to customers until the lines had been flushed – a process which may take several hours.
Crews are now in the process of repairing the line that runs along Old Bank Rd. and say they anticipate having that line fixed by the end of the day.

Once the lines have been restored, Wythe County’s Water Director, Don Crisp, says residents may see what he described as “murky” water – a common observance following a disturbance in water lines.
To combat the murky water, Crisp says his department will be flushing the lines throughout the day.

As a precaution, Wythe County officials are advising residents affected by the waterline break that a precautionary boil water notice has been ordered for the next 48-hours, as local officials perform standard water tests.

Virginia Department of Health regulations mandate that a precautionary boil water notice be implemented anytime a waterline breaks, until two separate water tests are performed 24-hours apart.

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Click the image below to see full map of affected area:

Map of Speedwell