WYTHEVILLE, Va. – In the fall of last year, the Wythe County Board of Supervisors voted to sell-by-auction several surplus properties owned by the county. County officials say auctioning these tracts will allow local residents an equal opportunity to purchase land at a fair-market price.

Another benefit of liquidating surplus county property, according to local officials, will be the additional revenues the sales will bring to the county’s general fund – first through the sale of the properties and then via real estate taxes.

“Anytime you can reintroduce parcels of land back onto the real estate tax rolls, the general public sees a benefit,” said Wythe County Public Information Officer Jeremy T.K. Farley.

Farley added, “These are tracts that the county government no longer has a use for and it’s time to allow individuals in the private-sector to develop these properties.”

The absolute auction will be managed by the Stanley King Land Auction Company and will be held on Saturday, April 11, 2015.

The first set of auctions will begin at 10 a.m. in Speedwell under a tent at the Speedwell Field, with the sale of the Old Speedwell Fire Department Building. The building (tax no. 81A-2-36A/37A) is a 2-story, 30′ x 60′ cinderblock structure which property appraisers say would make an “ideal business location for a garage.”

Additional property to be sold in Speedwell is the Speedwell Field, approximately 4.36 acres of level bottom land (tax no. 81-3-11).

Auctioneers will then move to Ivanhoe, where several properties are slated for sale beginning at 1 p.m. under a tent at 151 Carbide Lane.
In Ivanhoe, the county will be selling Granite Road Tank and Well Lot, approximately 1.5 acres – Nice building location. (tax no. 73-34); 151 Carbide Lane, approximately 2.9 acres (tax no. 87-9B) lies within sight of the New River Trail; Approximately 72 acres between Route 94 and Rakes Town Road, Ivanhoe — to be subdivided into approximately 8 tracts joining Route 94, (tax no. 87-9/9H/9I) (Tracts ranging from 5 to 21 acres) public water available.

Individuals wishing to participate in the auction should be aware of the auction terms: 10% nonrefundable deposit day of sale – balance not to exceed 30 days.

Those desiring additional information pertaining to the auction or the properties scheduled to be sold are encouraged to contact the Stanley King Land Auction Company.

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