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SALEM – An oversized tractor-trailer loaded with a power transformer is scheduled to travel between Pulaski and Max Meadows, Friday, Jan. 8 through Monday, Jan. 11 between 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. on weekdays and during daylight hours on the weekend.

The truck will travel at speeds between 1 and 5 mph so it will take multiple days and stops until it reaches its destination. The Virginia Department of Transportation and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has coordinated with the transportation company to develop a route that will minimize the impact to drivers, local businesses and residents.

The truck’s anticipated route and schedule will be as follows:

Friday, January 8
Beginning at the rail station in Pulaski, the haul will travel east onto Dora Highway, turn south onto Count Pulaski Drive, turn west on Draper Valley Road, turn north on Route 11, and then west on Honaker Road to park overnight.

Saturday, January 9
Beginning at Honaker Road in Pulaski, the haul will continue to travel west on Honaker Road (E. Lee Hwy) for approximately 10 miles crossing over Max Meadows Road, then continuing on Honaker Road (E. Lee Hwy) for 2.5 miles to park overnight at the Truck-o-mat Truckstop.

Sunday, January 10
Departing from Truck-o-mat Truckstop onto Route F-043 (East Lee Highway), the haul will turn south on Ready Mix Road, turn north on Route F-042 (Chapman Road), turn south on Lots Gap Road, turn southeast on Danner Road and bear right onto Apache Run. The haul will continue by taking a right turn onto Route 52 (Fort Chiswell Road) then turn south onto Austinville Road, turn south on Store Hill Road to cross the New River then onto Route 69 (Lead Mine Road) to park overnight at the Kangaroo Truckstop in Poplar Camp.

Monday, January 11
The haul will depart from the Kangaroo Truckstop turning left onto Route 69 (Lead Mine Road) to turn left onto Route 52 north (Poplar Camp Road), turn east onto Foster Falls Road, turn east on Electric Lane/Road to arrive at its destination, Jackson’s Ferry Substation.

Each oversized load convoy will include certified pilot cars in the front and rear and Pulaski and Wythe County police will provide escorts. Traffic control and flagging operations will be in place throughout the haul.

Drivers should expect the convoy to stop periodically, and motorists will experience delays in travel time. When traffic congestion is present, an effort will be made to stop the convoy and provide traffic control for both directions of travel when possible.

This oversized convoy is carrying the fourth transformer that has traveled through our area since May 2015.

Click here to view a copy of the map of the route.

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