Department of Emergency Management Letter for Dec. 6, 2018

To the Citizens of Wythe County

This coming weekend looks to be the first significant winter event of the season. At this time, predictions are still varying on the impact to our area. The National Weather Service is predicting accumulation and significant impacts to travel beginning on Saturday night. The forecast is predicting accumulation to begin Saturday night and continue through Monday.

Wythe County wants you to be prepared. Please make sure you have supplies in case the roads become dangerous or if power outages occur. Have a food supply, water, batteries, warm clothes and blankets, an alternate source of power or heat, and/or a place to be with a generator. Please make arrangements for all these supplies prior to Saturday evening. When the accumulation begins and the roads become difficult to travel on, please only travel if absolutely necessary. If we can keep the road traffic down, VDOT and emergency crews can work more efficiently. This also helps keep crews safe. If you don’t have to travel then please do not during this weather. Additionally, please plan for pets that are outside in the colder temperatures.

Please keep yourself informed of any changes that are occurring due to the weather. Watch or listen to local stations and watch the Wythe County Facebook page and homepage for updates. We will keep you informed as things change. Watch local media for closures and cancellations that might occur due to the weather. If you have any questions please visit for further information. Let’s stay safe and informed during this storm.

Curtis W. Crawford

Emergency Services Coordinator