Department of Emergency Management Letter for 12/11/18

December 11, 2018

 To the Citizens of Wythe County

Winter Storm Diego has passed, but the snow that it has left will stay with us a few more days. As we go through this week, we will have days of melting and mornings of refreezing. These trends can make morning travels treacherous. Please continue to use caution when commuting in the mornings and give yourself additional time to travel.

Wythe County would like to take a moment to thank the citizens for heeding the warnings during the storm. Most citizens stayed home and didn’t attempt to drive the snow-covered roads. Wythe County Emergency crews were able to navigate to emergencies with very few interruptions. VDOT along with county and town crews worked around the clock to clear roads. Thank you for being prepared, helping your neighbors and community, and thank you for staying safe.

Please continue to monitor the weather as we are forecasted to receive rain this weekend. With the rain and melting snow, we could see possible flooding in some areas. Again, thank you for the wonderful job that everyone did to help. Stay Alert and Stay Safe.

Curtis W. Crawford

Emergency Services Coordinator